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QLED vs OLED TVs: What is the distinction?

Key Takeaways

  • OLED expertise is superior in picture high quality, with benefits in colour, distinction, and general viewing expertise.
  • QLED TVs are usually extra reasonably priced and affords wonderful high quality, with a brighter and extra saturated image.
  • When selecting between an QLED and OLED TV, think about elements like price range, room lighting, and utilization.

Purchasing for a brand new TV, as enjoyable as it’s, could be overwhelming. Regardless that you do not have to decide on between a flat display or a CRt anymore, there are numerous extra refined decisions that it’s essential make when selecting one of the best display to accompany your home theater setup.


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If you happen to’ve shopped for a mid-to-high-range TV in recent times, the phrases you in all probability stored listening to have been each “QLED” and “OLED“. These two acronyms fairly mysteriously describe the forms of the panels that in style TVs use, however despite the fact that they differ solely by one letter, the distinction in efficiency is kind of a big one, making selecting the proper panel for you a vital choice.


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So, in the event you’re questioning what these acronyms imply and the way they translate into picture high quality and your general viewing expertise, worry not. We break down the jargon and discover what they imply together with their respective professionals and cons.

It’s best to know proper off the bat that, normally, OLED is taken into account the upper high quality show expertise, with benefits in colour replica, distinction and general picture high quality. QLED, then again, is extra reasonably priced, whereas nonetheless sustaining wonderful high quality of your films and TV. It will get extra complicated than that, nevertheless, so let’s get into it.


What does QLED imply?

QLED is an acronym that stands for “Quantum Dot LED” and it is the present technology of LED expertise. It makes use of an additional layer of phosphorescent crystals, also called nanocrystals, to enhance a TV’s general brightness and colour saturation. It in any other case works the identical as older LED TV expertise.

QLED is an acronym that stands for ”
uantum Dot
” and it is the present technology of LED expertise.

Every TV maker’s implementation is barely completely different, so you may see a number of completely different labels for this when looking for TVs. For instance, Samsung makes use of Neo QLED, like on the Samsung QN90C Neo QLED TV, because it’s branding for its personal QLED expertise. Relaxation assured that in the event you see QLED within the TV’s identify, it merely signifies that it has that further layer of crystals that assist improve its saturation and brightness.



What does OLED imply?

OLED is one other acronym which means “Organic LED” and it is probably the most superior TV expertise there may be proper now. Every pixel is produced from a fabric that lights up when it is hit with a little bit of electrical energy. Thus, every pixel is its personal backlight and might mild up independently of all the opposite pixels. This ends in clear blacks, excellent distinction, very low pixel response occasions, and higher viewing angles.

OLED is one other acronym which means ”
” and it is probably the most superior TV expertise there may be proper now.

Like QLED, each OLED TV producer has a barely completely different technique of constructing these TVs. An instance is the LG G3, which makes use of LG’s WOLED panels. One other is Samsung’s OLEDs, which use the corporate’s QD-OLED show. The underlying expertise is identical. They simply have barely completely different implementations.

samsung qled q7f 4k tv review image 13

How do QLED TVs work?

QLED TVs work nearly the identical as a daily LED TV, besides they’ve the additional quantum dot layer for the sunshine to journey by way of. LED TVs work by having a backlight of some type. The sunshine travels by way of the varied layers contained in the TV, together with the liquid crystal (LCD) layer and the quantum dot layer. The viewer sees an image based mostly on how the sunshine is handed by way of the layer.

The quantum dot layer is kind of vital because it adjustments a number of points of the TV. In QLED TVs, the backlight is often blue as an alternative of white. The blue mild produces the blue you see in your TV set. When mild passes by way of the quantum dots layer, the sunshine refracts and adjustments to both crimson or inexperienced. The TV then mixes these colours collectively to provide the image in your display.


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Since quantum dots do not waste the power from the TV’s blue mild, it permits for a way more saturated crimson and inexperienced than you get from common LED TVs, and the effectivity with which the sunshine is refracted signifies that the TV is brighter general. A quantum dot layer usually has billions of crimson and inexperienced dots, and it is all someway inexpensive than OLED panels.

Since quantum dots do not waste the power from the TV’s blue mild, it permits for a way more saturated crimson and inexperienced than you get from common LED TVs.

2023 LG OLED evo G3_Lifestyle Image3_PR


How do OLED TVs work?

OLED TVs are a solid-state semiconductor system comprised of a number of layers, together with a substrate, anode, a conducting layer, an emissive layer, and a number of natural layers. The natural layers are the place the “O” in OLED comes from. In contrast to QLEDs, there isn’t a backlight.

Usually talking, OLED TVs use electrophosphorescence to emit mild. The TV applies {an electrical} present that travels from the cathode to the anode layer, passing by way of the natural layers because it does. As all of these items passes by way of into the emissive layer, which causes the OLED to glow. The colour depends upon the natural layers and the brightness is decided by how a lot electrical energy is used.

There are a number of various kinds of OLED shows, with the most important distinction being the development, order, and materials decisions of the varied layers. As an example, WOLED panels, which LG makes use of in its OLED TVs, embrace colour filters in order that the panel can straight emit white mild. Thus, as an alternative of getting RGB (crimson, inexperienced, and blue) subpixels, it has WRGB (white, crimson, inexperienced, and blue) subpixels.

QLED professionals and cons

Like all issues, there are good and dangerous issues about QLED panels. For the under factors, we’re evaluating it on to OLED panels. Additionally, these are generalized statements concerning QLED expertise general. Some producers have brighter, extra vivid shows than others.

QLED professionals

  1. Usually inexpensive than OLED panels.
  2. Wonderful colour saturation.
  3. Greater brightness ceiling.
  4. Bigger variety of out there display sizes.
  5. It has an extended anticipated lifespan and 0 danger of everlasting burn-in.
  6. A bigger number of choices, though this depends upon area.


  1. Thicker than OLED panels.
  2. Much less deep blacks and decrease general distinction ratio than OLED panels.
  3. Slower pixel refresh charges make them much less good for gaming.
  4. High quality can differ wildly relying on backlight sort, worth vary, and producer. For instance, mini-LED QLED TVs even have respectable black ranges and distinction, whereas cheaper, edge-lit panels could make blacks look grey and have noticeably worse distinction.
  5. QLED TVs are inclined to have much less stutter, however extra movement blur.

OLED professionals and cons

On the subject of OLED expertise, there are typically extra professionals than cons. In fact, it additionally depends upon the producer.

OLED professionals

  1. Almost excellent black ranges and distinction whereas nonetheless having wonderful colours.
  2. Thinner than QLED panels
  3. Since OLED panels can flip black pixels off solely, OLEDs usually use much less energy than QLED TVs.
  4. Higher viewing angles.
  5. Higher pixel response occasions, which reduces movement blur, makes it nice for gaming.
  6. OLED TVs don’t have any blooming. Blooming happens when LED TV backlights trigger brilliant objects on a darkish background to have a halo of sunshine.

OLED cons

  1. There’s a danger of everlasting burn-in. Technically, it is extra correct to say burn-out. Every pixel is sort of a candle. When you burn the metaphorical candle an excessive amount of, it burns out, and causes everlasting retention.
  2. OLEDs are inclined to have a shorter general lifespan than LED TVs.
  3. Additionally they are typically costlier.
  4. Not pretty much as good in brilliant rooms with a lot of glare.
  5. OLED TVs are inclined to have much less movement blur, however extra stutter.


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Philips 8602 QLED image 6

Backside line: Do you have to purchase a QLED or OLED TV?

It depends upon quite a lot of elements, like price range, front room arrange, and what sort of media you plan to devour with it. There is no such thing as a straightforward reply, however we’ve got a number of tips you possibly can comply with.

Purchase a QLED in the event you:

  1. Need the brightest doable image with saturated colours.
  2. Are placing it in a brightly lit room with lots of glare.
  3. Wish to store in a wider worth vary, or in order for you a smaller TV.
  4. Are on the lookout for a TV that may final you a very long time.

Purchase an OLED in the event you:

  1. Need the best doable distinction and the deepest doable blacks.
  2. Have a front room with out lots of glare.
  3. Intend on gaming with trendy consoles just like the Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5.
  4. Do not thoughts altering your habits a bit to forestall burn-in.

It is also vital to notice that each applied sciences have been engaged on their flaws. Mini-LED TVs with an growing variety of dimming zones and extra highly effective processors to deal with them have higher distinction and deeper black ranges than prior LED TVs, and a few can value lower than $1,000. In the meantime, trendy OLED TVs are made out of higher supplies to enhance their lifespans and have automated upkeep procedures that assist stop burn-in. A number of the latest ones even boast that they should not expertise burn-in in any respect, which it is best to take with a grain of salt, however such statements foreshadow a brilliant future for all the house cinema lovers.


Q: Is QLED or OLED higher?

Blow-for-blow, OLEDs are the higher TV expertise. The flexibility to self-emit mild from every particular person pixel offers OLED benefits that QLED cannot replicate. In any case, blacks on a TV do not get any deeper than the sunshine being solely off, and pixel response occasions on OLEDs are loopy quick.

That is not to say that QLED is dangerous. It is that LED TV expertise hasn’t caught as much as the pure benefits that OLED TVs have. QLED TVs have pure benefits as effectively, like no burn-in danger, longer lifespans, and brighter panels. Nonetheless, it’s way more tough to get a deep black than it’s to get a brilliant white.

Q: Why is OLED higher for gaming?

The massive reply right here is pixel response occasions. Pixel response time is how lengthy it takes for a pixel to go from one colour to a different. OLED TVs have practically prompt pixel response occasions, which implies cleaner movement and motion in a online game setting. Add to that, the superb image high quality, exceptionally excessive distinction, and usually low enter lag, and OLED TVs simply do all of it effectively.

Nonetheless, many QLEDs have completely cheap pixel response occasions. They will nonetheless introduce some movement blur, however not practically sufficient to make video games unplayable or disagreeable. You’ll be able to nonetheless play trendy consoles on a QLED TV and be completely proud of it. OLEDs simply do it measurably higher.

Finally, that is why you see the development to make use of OLED screens not solely in TVs, but in addition in gaming-centric units, similar to transportable consoles or gaming displays. Within the transportable gaming world, each the Nintendo Switch OLED and Steam Deck OLED include this display expertise, and even the highest-end gaming displays, similar to Samsung Odyssey G9, sport an OLED panel for its unimaginable response occasions, wonderful distinction and colour replica.

Q: Is QLED or OLED higher in your eyes?

It is a very subjective query as a result of there aren’t actually any good tutorial research about it, at the least not but. There is not probably a major distinction when it comes to eye pressure. Nonetheless, completely different persons are delicate to various things, and also you may simply discover some traits of those screens extra disagreeable than others, particularly in the event you’re a bit choosy about the way you need to view your content material.

For instance, OLED TVs have extra stutter however much less movement blur due to their excessive pixel response occasions. QLED TVs have extra movement blur, however much less stutter. So, in the event you’re delicate to movement blur, OLED is a better option. If you happen to’re delicate to stutter, QLED is a greater possibility.

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